One Year Already? We grow up so fast.

It was exactly one year ago today when a bored cord cutter needed something to watch on TV and had to rely on Internet streaming services to satisfy that need. That’s right, Reel ExStream turns one year old today. Happy Birthday to us! Hard to believe that we have watched 40+ movies on those streaming services, all of varying degrees of horribleness.  I sometimes wonder if there will be enough movies to continue posting, but then I remembered, as long as The Asylum keeps producing movies, there will always be plenty of film to poop on.

To everyone who has Favorited, followed, commented, and shared via our blog, I give you a big THANK YOU! That is what makes the writing so much fun. Let’s hope our next year continues to be just as much fun. Now let’s go find more crap to watch!


2 thoughts on “One Year Already? We grow up so fast.

  1. Happy Birthday 😀

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