Being a recent “cord cutter”, I have had to rely on various streaming sources to provide me with a fix of movies and television series. Between Netflix, Hulu+, and Crackle, there is a variety of things to keep one occupied on a lazy Sunday afternoon. As I started searching for something to watch, I surged through many an old and classic movie. However, intermingled in those classic and blockbuster movies are several horrible gems that didn’t quit meet that Hollywood blockbuster status at the box office, if they even saw a theater at all.

So after adding a few unheard of flicks to my queue and settling down on the couch for a restful afternoon that kept me out of the scorching temperatures outside, I began to watch these newfound films. And once I began watching, I thought to myself, “Perhaps these should have been left hidden to begin with.”

But I was intriqued. At the production value, the acting, the special effects, soundtrack, the plot…or at least the lack thereof. So formed the idea to document all of those god awful movies that I endured and suffered through, so that someone else might not have to be burdened with the same fate. Or for some perhaps, the joy of finding some cinematic atrocities to get them through the day. Thus Reel Ex-Stream was born!

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  1. Thanks for the follow mate, I’ve returned the favour! Cheers mate! 😀

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